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Award Category Details

All categories are subdivided into groups based on population size.

  • 0 - 50,000 population
  • 50,000 - 250,000 population
  • 250,000+ population

Promotional Awards

The judging criteria for the Promotional submissions include: effectiveness, innovation, creativity, quality & completeness of submission and contribution to the economic development profession. 

1. Publications (print or electronic): Example: magazines, brochures, directories, electronic newsletters

2. Branding and Advertising:  **Combined category for 2018** Demonstrate how you put your brand into action.  Example: posters, billboards, commercials, city signs, innovative brand use. NOTE: These submissions should include formal brand development documents and style guide. 

3. Technology and New Media:  Example: websites, YouTube channels, community apps

4. Special Events This category will accept submissions for events that have had a demonstrated economic development benefit. All events are welcome. Examples of acceptable events include a meeting, seminar, marketing tour or trip designed to develop prospects, promote economic development or cultivate community economic development.  Submissions to this category should include any relevant event materials (i.e. an event program, invitation, photos of the event, etc.). 

 Collaboration & Partnership Awards

The judging criteria for Collaboration & Partnership submissions include: level of collaboration and partnership that defined a project based on planning, development & finance, demonstrated economic benefit to the community, and creativity/innovation in executing the project.

1. Regional & Crossborder Collaboration & Partnership **Combined category for 2018**

  • Partnerships between the government and the private sector to build public infrastructure like incubators, roads, hospitals or schools as well as deliver services. 
  • P3s can be structured in different ways, allocating varying degrees of responsibility for design, construction, financing, maintenance or operation to the private sector, while always maintaining public ownership or control.
  • Projects that include collaborations between municipalities and organizations across regional jurisdictions and/or national borders. For example, if a municipality submits in this category, the partners must be other municipalities or larger jurisdictions. Projects must demonstrate benefit to their larger regional geographic area in their submission.

2. Local Collaboration & Partnership **Combined category for 2018**
    • These projects will include collaborations between municipalities and organizations located within the same geographic area (i.e. local municipal government and a local Chamber of Commerce). Projects must demonstrate economic benefit to the local geographic area in their submission.

Planning and Building Initiatives

The judging criteria for Planning & Building Initiatives submissions include: the effects of the product/program on the intended outcomes, innovation, originality, cost effectiveness, and impacts of product/program on the community (e.g. jobs, spin-offs, tax revenue increase, community pride).

1. Physical Infrastructure & Redevelopment Initiatives NEW in 2018, submissions will be received in all population categories.  One recipient will be awarded across population sizes.

2. Strategic Plans and Initiatives  Includes strategic plans, research report/study, FDI strategies, workforce development, business retention and expansion, physician recruitment, etc.

Influencer of the Year Awards

This category reflects the growing important of positive influence within the economic development profession. Submissions will be accepted by, and on behalf of individuals who have made a significant impact on their peers, the industry, their community and/or the overall influence they have had on the profession of economic development.

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Digital Influencer of the Year Award  

Contributions are made primarily with the use of digital media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

Young Professional Influencer of the Year  

 Replaces Young Professional the Year

Community Leader Influencer of the Year  

 Awarded to an elected official

Leadership Awards

**Not Submitted Online**

 Joseph Montgomery Economic Development Achievement Award

This award submission is made by submitting a complete award nomination application, and a customized nomination package. The package should include documents, publications, letters of reference and other supportive materials that outline the innovative contributions to EDCO and the economic development profession of the individual and evidence of their commitment to go above and beyond.

Innovative Community Award 

Submissions for the NEW award are made by submitting a complete award nomination application, and a customized video submission. The video will be judged by EDCO members and must address the following criteria: Telling of an innovative success story, what geographic region has been effected, demonstrated economic impact, the role that EDCO played in the success, and the influence it will have on the future.

Videos must be submitted through an online file sharing program and will be loaded onto the EDCO YouTube channel. Videos should be no longer than 5 minutes.

The winner of this award will be asked to present at the 2020 EDCO Conference.

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