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IoT Intelligent Cities Municipal IOT, Big Data Summit

  • 08 Nov 2016
  • 09 Nov 2016
  • Toronto, ON


Intelligent Cities, also known as “smart cities” are driven by the power of internet connectivity to augment the performance and services provided by the cities. In general, nearly one million people move into cities each week. With such inflow of people, the problem arises of how to accommodate efficient facilities and services for all. North American cities are witnessing the highest levels of urbanization since World War I, with millennials continuing to rapidly move to cities, urban centers will need to create intelligent, integrated public services infrastructure to cope and to engage with young consumers.  The innovation of smart city technology will allow the delivery of apt services like reduction of traffic congestion, food distribution, sustainable economics and environmental overload.

  • IDC projects that by 2020, nearly 212 billion “things” will be connected to the internet.
  • 5 billion people will connect to the internet, 64% percent of which will be via mobile devices.
  • “Connected cities” are expected to undergo an annual GDP growth rate that 0.7% higher, an unemployment rate is 1% point lower, and office occupancy rates 2.5% higher than less advanced cities.

Why attend Intelligent Cities Summit?

  • Rapidly advancing cities like NYC, Barcelona, London, Amsterdam are implementing smart technology to facilitate infrastructure, waste management, city public services; and it is time Canadian cities learned to do so.
  • Great opportunity to share knowledge and learn about “smart education”, amenities and opportunities.
  • Key focus on effective city management and administrative services—how IoT solutions can benefit local government offices.
  • Helping to enhance processes in city public services such as waste management, utilities provision, etc.
  • Creating efficiency in emergency services, for example, fire, healthcare, safety and security. 
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