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LGBTQ2S+ in Economic Development

12 Jul 2022 11:48 AM | Stephanie Crilly (Administrator)

Barriers for employment and economic opportunities still exists for women and LGBTQ2S+ Canadians. Further, LGBTQ2S+ women face higher economic inequality. Financially, women are still paid less than men. In terms of opportunities, women are more likely to hold low-wage and minimum wage jobs.

The size of the LGBTQ2S+ economy both in population size and purchasing power is large.

The economy is changing! The solutions to our most complex challenges will be developed and implemented by people of various backgrounds and experiences. Voices that haven’t always been around the table can hold those solutions we have not yet thought about. Our communities will be stronger when we include everybody.

The Williams Institute at UCLA collected empirical evidence from 39 countries, 29 of which are emerging economies to map the relationship between LGBTQ2S+ Rights, inclusion and economic development.

The study notes that when LGBTQ2S+ individuals are denied full participation in society because of their identities, their human rights are violated, and those violations of human rights are likely to have a harmful effect on a community’s level of economic development.

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