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President's Message

It is an honour and privilege to serve as the President of the Economic Developers Council of Ontario this year.  I am humble and deeply grateful to the membership and the Board of Directors for providing me this opportunity.

EDCO is a non-profit, membership supported organization that was founded in 1957.  Its object is to support the development of Economic Developers in Ontario.  EDCO also strives to promote educational and scholarly exchanges on many facets of economic development.

Our vision is to enhance, grow, and promote the economic development profession in Ontario.

Our mission is to provide leadership to:

1. Strengthen member capacity

2. Advance the profession

3. Support our municipalities to foster economic prosperity in Ontario

To accomplish its mission, EDCO holds an annual conference and several professional development activities during the year.  EDCO partners with other economic development associations across the country and in the USA.

The EDCO Board has engaged in strategic planning to ensure our priorities and direction is current, to strengthen our membership, and serve our members as best we can.

I urge you to become involved with EDCO and spread the word to your colleagues encouraging them to join as well. 

I am proud to report some highlights of this coming year.  The Board will focus on these top five priorities:   Membership enhancement and expansion; regional outreach; information sharing program; Board structure and composition; and elected official engagement program.

This year, we will be introducing a few new initiatives such as our Bright Ideas Competition and Queen’s Park Breakfast with MPPs.  I look forward to reporting back on these activities.  Also, in collaboration with the Western Ontario Warden's Caucus, we will be hosting our 3rd Spring Symposium, taking place in Collingwood. 

As we move forward, our association is growing year by year, our members are diversified and we are evolving.  I welcome all new EDCO members and all who have renewed their memberships this year.  I am looking forward to working with the Board and all of you for the good of our association.



Delia Reich, Ec.D(F)

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