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The United Nations' Decade of People of African Descent

15 Jun 2023 10:08 AM | Stephanie Crilly (Administrator)

As many of you might already know, officially proclaimed by the UN General Assembly and commenced in 2015, running until 2024, The United Nations' Decade of People of African Descent (“The Decade”) is an international

initiative aimed at promoting the rights, development, and well-being of people of African descent around the world.

While The Decade advocates for the advancement of the African Diaspora, it also recognizes the significance of international partnerships and collaboration in promoting economic development for people of African descent. It encourages cooperation between governments, businesses, civil society organizations, and international institutions to leverage resources, share best practices, and promote economic integration. Such collaborations can facilitate trade, investment, and technology transfer, contributing to sustainable economic development.

Canada has recognized the Decade. The province of Ontario has recognized The Decade. And, many of our cities, such as Toronto, Ajax and Mississauga have also recognized The Decade. Mississauga not only has

recognized The Decade, it has committed to working with a team of community leaders–which I am a part of–to create mutually beneficial initiatives. We all understand that Win-Win solutions are the only true effective solutions. 

With over a year left in the decade, it’s not too late for you to explore how your city could also celebrate The Decade and benefit from collaborations with African and Caribbean cities, institutions, businesses and communities. 

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