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Starting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Efforts in Your Organization

01 Aug 2023 11:51 AM | Stephanie Crilly (Administrator)

Smaller organizations often have fewer resources to begin any efforts that don’t show immediate results or create tangible impacts. This means that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) projects are often the first initiatives put on hold. Or, if resources for DEI efforts do become available, both small and larger organizations sometimes don’t know where to start. Let's dive into way in which you can make changes with lasting, positive efforts to support DEI initiatives in your organization and community.

First things first, educate yourself about DEI principles, challenges faced by underrepresented groups, specifically for the services you provide and the resources available in your local area. Knowledge is power and it will guide you on this journey.

Now, take a good look at your organization and assess its current state. What policies, practices and cultural aspects need improvement? Don't forget to involve your employees in this process—anonymous surveys or focus groups can provide valuable insights.

To make meaningful progress, form a dedicated DEI committee. Make sure it represents diverse perspectives and includes members from various departments. Together, create an action plan with specific goals, and don't forget to regularly check in on your progress.

Setting clear objectives is crucial. Consider goals related to recruiting, retaining and promoting underrepresented groups. Implementing diversity training programs and mentoring initiatives can also help foster inclusivity and equity within your organization.

Review your policies and procedures to identify and eliminate biases or barriers. Make sure your hiring processes promote diversity and inclusivity. Transparent guidelines for addressing discrimination or bias incidents are essential, along with a safe reporting mechanism.

Building an inclusive culture is the key to success. Encourage open dialogue, active listening and respectful communication among employees. Employee resource groups or community partners can provide safe spaces for sharing experiences and insights.

Don't limit your efforts to the confines of your organization—engage with the local community! Collaborate with other organizations, community leaders and local initiatives focused on DEI. Together, you can make a more significant impact and align your efforts with local needs.

Remember to monitor and measure your progress. Regularly assess the impact of your DEI initiatives and be prepared to adjust strategies as needed. Employee satisfaction surveys, diversity metrics and promotions of underrepresented groups can be useful indicators.

By taking these steps, you're making a commitment to embrace diversity, cultivate equity and foster inclusion within your organization and community. Even small steps toward change can have lasting effects. I hope these tips will help you towards reaching your DEI goals. 

Written by:

Lindsey Glazier

Business Development Coordinator 

Planning and Development 

Corporation of the County of Bruce

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