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EDCO Announces 2 NEW Awards!

27 Sep 2015 11:26 PM | Kerri Schuttel

The EDCO Awards Committee has added a new flash of innovation to the award categories this year. We are pleased to announce 2 brand new awards to be presented at the 2016 President’s Awards Banquet on February 4th in Toronto, Ontario.

The first award is the Digital Influencer of the Year. This award reflects the growing importance of social media in business and economic development. Nominations should be made for individuals who have influenced and contributed to the profession of economic development through the use of social media tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other similar tools. These submissions will be judged on their overall contributions and the significance of their impact on their peers, their community and the industry overall.

The Innovative Community Award is sure to break some ground as the second new award, and the first award if it’s kind. This award will be presented to a community who has embraced innovation to significantly impact their community. It may be a specific project or a series of events, or a collaboration of many smaller projects, but in the end the community and its people are better off because of the initiative. These submissions will be made in video format and judged by the members of EDCO. The winning submission will be recognized at the banquet as well as asked to present at the 2017 Conference. 

All Ontario communities are encouraged to make submissions for the EDCO Awards of Excellence. Winners will be recognized for their efforts and seen as leaders in the industry. All submissions receive professional feedback from our panel of expert judges. The awards submission website will open September 14, 2015. The EDCO Awards of Excellence has a menu of opportunities for submission in many different disciplines of economic development including marketing, product development, technology and much more.  For more details on the awards and submission process visit the Awards Page.

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