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EDCO Wants to Hold Training in your Community

27 Sep 2015 11:31 PM | Kerri Schuttel

The Economic Developers Council of Ontario (EDCO) plans to hold a one and a half day spring meeting that will be attended by 75-100 economic development professionals from both the public and private sector.  The program will allow members to learn and share information on current issues and programs that affect the profession.  In addition to the formal program there will be one reception held. 

The success of the Spring Meeting depends on the programming, location and venue.  When selecting the spring meeting’s venue, availability of bedrooms at a reasonable room rate, and meeting rooms, accessibility of transportation from airport and train stations will be considered.  All requirements are outlined in this request for proposal (RFP).

EDCO will promote this venue and event with a major announcement at the 2016 Annual Conference and Showcase to be held February 2-4, 2016.

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