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Supporting Agriculture: A Rural Economic Development Strategy for Your Municipality

05 Sep 2017 10:45 AM | Deleted user

Hello EDCO Community,

My name is Danielle Collins and I work for the Ontario Federation of Agriculture in economic development policy.

I’m looking for stories from communities across Ontario, and I want to hear yours!

I am putting together a catalogue of the many great things happening locally to support agriculture in Ontario. Please don’t hesitate to share – big or small.

Here’s examples of initiatives I’d like to hear about:

Examine Your Agricultural Community

  1. Do your research (e.g. ag census bulletin; asset mapping)
  2. Make a plan (e.g. ag/local food strategy)
  3. Investigate gaps and opportunities (e.g. food hub/abattoir feasibility studies)


Support Your Agricultural Community

  1. Develop incentives (e.g. Community Improvement Plans for ag/rural; funding programs)
  2. Hire a champion (e.g. hire an Agriculture and/or Food –focused staff person, I’d also love job descriptions if possible)
  3. Develop supportive policies (e.g. land use policies that support value-added ag, streamlined approval process)


Promote Your Agricultural Community

  1. Attract businesses (e.g. investment attraction and marketing initiatives)
  2. Brand your community (e.g. ag/food-related slogans and promotions)
  3. Promote taste of place (e.g. farm, food and beverage –themed trails, events)


Strengthen Your Agricultural Community

  1. Facilitate connections (e.g. value chain and local food procurement initiatives)
  2. Foster entrepreneurship (e.g. incubators, mentorship programs)
  3. Collaborate to boost impact (e.g. work with neighbouring municipalities, upper-/lower-tier collaborations)


These initiatives may be highlighted in upcoming presentations and future resources.

Please email me at

Thank you.

Danielle Collins


Agriculture Economic Development Policy

Ontario Federation of Agriculture

100 Stone Road West, Suite 206

Guelph, Ontario, N1G 5L3

(519) 821-8883 ext. 268

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